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Never Say Never

Written By: Justine Manzano

Published By: Sword and Silk Books

Reviewed By: Melissa Minners

               Young Adult Romance is really not my thing…reeeaallly not my thing.  But I happen to know the author of Never Say Never and they did promise me an interesting fantasy twist to this thing, so I figured I would check it out.

               Brynn Stark doesn’t believe in true love.  To find out why, all one needs do is look at the examples of love she has witnessed in her life.  Her mother and father are so at odds with one another, they use her as a go between to get messages to one another rather than talking to each other across the table at breakfast.  Or how about her best friend, Nina, whose boyfriend just broke up with her in their senior year of high school.

               So, when Val, her best friend’s foster sister, offers to hook Brynn up with the intention of helping her find faith in love, Brynn laughs it off.  No way Val is ever going to find Brynn someone who would change her outlook on love.  Besides, the only guy who seems to get her and like herself is definitely off limits.  She laughs it off, that is, until Val reveals who she truly is – the Greek goddess of love.  Even worse, that off limits guy?  Well, he’s Val’s boyfriend.  How does one fight a goddess when she has her mind set on finding you true love…a jealous goddess who has the idea that you’re getting too close to her love?

               As I said before, I’m not a huge fan of Young Adult Romance, mainly because it’s so predictable.  Never Say Never isn’t much different from the usual finds in the genre.  I knew the minute Adam gave Brynn a ride to the airport that the two would end up having feelings for one another.  It’s what you would expect – the whole love triangle thing that usually finds its way into this genre.  That being said, I can’t say that others wouldn’t enjoy this book – it’s just what any fan of almost every CW or Freeform teenage television series would love.

               What I loved about the book is…well, I’m a sucker for Greek mythology, so I loved that part.  Most importantly though – and people will laugh or stare ominously at the computer at this – I loved how the characters talked.  They spoke as normal teenagers, curse words and all.  Most other Young Adult Romance novels are too “PG.”  Let’s get real folks!  If you think teenagers never curse, you’re living in Disneyland.  The speech patterns of the characters in Never Say Never are spot on and something every single teenager out there would relate to. 

               The storyline is cute, the book proves to be a fast read and the characters (goddesses or not) are realistic.  I can see fans of the YA Romance genre being very happy with Never Say Never.

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Published by Melissa Minners

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