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Thanksgiving Tales

True Stories of the Holiday in America

Editor: Brian D. Jaffe

 Published By: Sestin LLC

 Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                I wanted to read something special to celebrate the coming of one of my favorite holidays, so I did some searching and found a compilation of true Thanksgiving stories published by Sestin LLC and edited by Brian D Jaffe.  Knowing all of the craziness that has taken place during Thanksgiving Days in my past, I couldn’t wait to see whether other people’s holiday dinners are as crazy as mine.

                I have discovered that the dysfunction that usually takes place at my family holiday dinners is actually the norm instead of the unusual.  There is a multitude of short stories and a couple of poems to be found in the almost two hundred pages of this book and each story has a new perspective to offer.  There are tales of fun times, tales of thankfulness, tales of dysfunction, tales of anger, tales of joy and more.

                I wasn’t extremely fond of the essays that ripped the traditions of Thanksgiving apart.  I mean, this is a holiday designed to remind us of all we should be thankful for.  So, when I read something that rips the holiday’s beginnings, its traditions and everything that makes the holiday special, I have a problem with that.  I can be objective and respect other people’s opinions, but I have the distinct feeling that the one essay in particular was sour grapes coming from someone who had a difficult time getting a job after the stock market crash and was bitter against anything he should be thankful for.

                That being said, the rest of the stories were incredibly enjoyable.  I loved the stories from folks attempting their first Thanksgiving Day meal and all of the calamities that take place.  There are a bunch of stories about issues cooking the turkey from the oven breaking to the new recipes attempted to the in-laws attempting to take over to the attempts by mother to run daughter’s Thanksgiving Day event.  I also loved reading about the things folks were thankful for, from the tongue in cheek things that one family was thankful for during their New York City Thanksgiving Day adventure with their daughter to the happiness at spending time with family and friends to that very special Thanksgiving that may be the last ever spent with a loved one.

                Sure, there are some sad stories that may evoke a tear or two, but the majority of the stories in this book will elicit quite a few chuckles not just because of the humorous ways in which they are told, but because of the similarities between their Thanksgiving tales and your own experiences.  Thanksgiving Tales: True Stories of the Holiday in America is one of those books that will melt away the stresses of the holiday season and a purchase I am very glad to have made.

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Published by Melissa Minners

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