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Wishing You A Very Happy New Year!

Here at G-POP, we’re not fond of New Year’s resolutions. After all, resolutions seem to be made to be broken. Who has ever really followed through with one of those anyway? But in the spirit of the holiday, here are some things that we will definitely try to follow through on:

  • We will get used to posting in this new forum and perhaps spice things up a bit as we go.
  • We will post at least once a week.
  • In those weekly posts, we will post some more new reviews, words of wisdom, fun little tidbits, and throw in some Turn Back the Clock reviews, commentaries, poetry and stories for your amusement.

Here are some possible resolutions for you:

  • Offer us some feedback.
  • Post in our articles to let us know how you feel about them.
  • Email us tips on new entertainment.
  • Add some interesting information to our commentaries.
  • Click on the links in our articles and buy stuff from Amazon – it’s how we pay for some of the items we review and it will help us pay for add-ons for the site to make it that much more entertaining.

Even if you aren’t interested in the resolutions above, please know that we are so very thankful for your support and hope that we are providing a bright spot in your day with a little entertainment.

As always, a special thanks to The Best Collection of Clip Art, Graphics and Web Images ( for the use of their Clip Art!

Published by Melissa Minners

Site Manager

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