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Written By: Dean Koontz

Published By: Amazon Publishing

Reviewed By: Melissa Minners

               During the pandemic, I was looking for quick reads that I could download to my cleanable Kindle should I get stuck at work and have downtime to actually read.  I was directed to a series of short stories by Dean Koontz called Nameless.  Having loved Koontz’s previous works, I was quite happy to find them and I downloaded all six.  I waited until I finished every single one of the before writing a review.

               The series title actually describes a man – he has no memories of his past and believes this is by design.  The organization he works for has not only erased his memories, but also his fingerprints.  The better to perform their tasks without police interference.  You see, Nameless, under various aliases, is a pawn of revenge.  He takes to task people who have been above the law…or just under the radar of the law.  Nameless goes after serial offenders. 

His first task is to handle a serial sex offender who goes after young girls…often times making them disappear.  Nameless is also sent after serial killers and terrorists.  And the ways in which he “handles” them is quite unique.  Most of his targets are all about control, and Nameless makes certain he takes that control away.  The target will often meet their demise by their own hand, making Nameless’ job just a little easier, but the moments leading up to those endings are quite intense.

Nameless is given just about everything he needs to complete his jobs, including money, cars, planes…you name it (pardon the pun).  His only setback may be the visions that strike him at the most inopportune moments.  In the beginning, Nameless believes them to be premonitions, but as the series moves forward, he begins to believe his memories are coming back to him through these visions.

The series, as with all of Dean Koontz’s works, is captivating.  The author simply has a way of grabbing our attention early and making us care enough about the protagonist to want to keep reading.  In this case, not only does the reader want to know what new and interesting lengths Nameless will go to in order to punish his target, the reader also wants to know just what these visions he is having mean.  The ultimate reveal in the final book of the series was definitely worth the wait. 

Nameless is a well-written series that any fan of Dean Koontz thrillers will enjoy!

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Published by Melissa Minners

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