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Nameless: Season 2

Written By: Dean Koontz

Published By: Amazon Publishing

Reviewed By: Melissa Minners

               I read the first series of Nameless short books by Dean Koontz at the height of the pandemic, never imagining that there would be more, especially after that shocking ending.  But Koontz wasn’t done with the man known as Nameless and his handler, Ace of Diamonds, had a few more missions for Nameless to undertake.  So, I dove right in to Nameless Season 2.

               Ace of Diamonds has six more missions for Nameless.  First, in The Lost Soul of the City, he must stop a gun dealer from causing the destruction of multiple cities.  The mission takes place in a long forgotten Cold War bunker and only a stoic, teenage boy can get him there.  But this mission has a bunch of surprises and a vision that Nameless must decipher quickly before his companion loses his life.  Next is Gentle Is the Angel of Death, Nameless must put an end to a self-proclaimed Angel of Death, who takes advantage of the poor and underprivileged…people whose deaths no one would contest.

               The next mission, Kaleidoscope takes Nameless inside an underground business, but not all is what it seems in this mission.  Promised something easy, Nameless is taken aback by what occurs during this mission and begins to wonder if Ace of Diamonds, always so sure of how to handle a mission, is starting to slip up a bit.  The next book finds Nameless on a mission of his own.  In Light Has Weight but Darkness Does Not, Nameless looks to get some downtime, but vivid visions send him to an abandoned shopping mall to rescue a young woman and her daughter from some very evil men.

               In Corkscrew, a terror attack reported in the news causes Nameless to have visions of his past.  More and more of his memories are coming through and, as he searches for the people responsible for the terrorist act, he starts to realize that he may have dealt with these monsters before.  In his final mission, Zero In, Nameless must face the enemy of his past, a man who wants to create a new world order, systematically getting rid of all who don’t fit in his ideal society.  But in order to face this enemy, Nameless must know the truth about who he really is and must not only come to grips with crippling loss, but decide whether he is ready to move on from who he has become.

               Nameless: Season 2 is just as captivating as Season 1.  The intensity and edge of your seat suspense is still there, but this time around, you know more about who Nameless is than he does.  In the beginning, you were clueless to his backstory.  Now you know why he has chosen this path, even though he has chosen to forget who he once was.  The fact that Nameless must have his memories reinstated to deal with the enemy he has been searching for all along is an interesting concept, culminating in an ending to the series that I found to be a tad unexpected. 

               I enjoyed the twists and turns of the Nameless series and have no doubt that other Dean Koontz fans will find it right on par with his other suspense novels.

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Published by Melissa Minners

Site Manager

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