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Confessions of a Pumpkin Addict

By Melissa Minners

            Okay, I’ll admit it.  My name is Melissa Minners and I am addicted to pumpkin.  This is one of my favorite times of the year for only one reason – I can get my pumpkin fix sated, for everywhere you turn there is a new and inventive way to infuse pumpkin flavor into food. 

            My pumpkin addiction began very early in life.  As a child, I was allowed to stay up late to participate in the Thanksgiving ritual of baking.  The pumpkin pies were my favorite baked goods to come out of those early years.  As the years went by, whenever we didn’t have time to bake pies, we would buy them – Entenmann’s, Sara Lee, you name it, we ate it.

            When Dunkin Donuts came out with the original pumpkin filled donut, I was in heaven.  I’m taking about the original pumpkin filled donut, not the ones they sell now.  This one was made using the apple pie donut shell and filling it with pumpkiny goodness.  I would eat them by the bagful.  I couldn’t get enough of them.  Then, they were discontinued and I was heartbroken.

            That is, until a short time later, when I found new and exciting ways to satisfy my pumpkin addiction.  Pillsbury came out with a Pumpkin Quick Bread and I would buy the mix every time it appeared in the stores.  I loved the smell of it while it baked in the oven and I would eat every crumb, barely sharing it with others. 

            As time passed, more pumpkin goodness hit the stores.  Both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts came out with Pumpkin Lattes.  Dunkin Donuts came out with a pumpkin coffee that I love both hot or cold…and let’s not forget the Pumpkin Frappuccinos available at Starbucks – delectable.  Dunkin also came out with a pumpkin spiced donut.  Of course, it would follow that they would also carry pumpkin spice munchkins.  They’re good, but not like that original pumpkin donut I miss so much.  Even the new pumpkin pie donut doesn’t compare.  Of course, Dunkin also sells pumpkin muffins and they get yummier every year.

            Pop-Tarts came out with a pumpkin flavored Pop-Tart, but that wasn’t all that interesting – not enough pumpkin flavor either hot or cold.  Eggo came out with a pumpkin waffle and I love them!  They smell so good toasting and taste so delicious that I don’t need syrup or butter.  I just eat them right out of the toaster.

            For the sweet tooth, there’s pumpkin fudge, pumpkin pudding and pumpkin ice cream.  Now, pumpkin fudge is good and pumpkin pudding is divine, but there is nothing better than Edy’s Pumpkin Ice Cream.  I love it and have to have it every year.  It’s Natasia Minners’ favorite treat.

            For the drinker, they have pumpkin ale made by numerous beer companies.  Not my favorite thing to feature pumpkin, let me tell you.  I find it too bitter for proper pumpkin enjoyment.

            Oh, and let me tell you what I found the other day!  Pumpkin coffee cake!  Thus far, I have only found it at one Dunkin Donuts, but I’m sure it will sell at more locations eventually.  This is a pumpkin muffin taken to a whole new level!

            To summarize, as a pumpkin addict, if I see something pumpkin flavored, I simply have to try it!  There is no stopping me until I get my hands on it…I even tried pumpkin flavored M&Ms, which weren’t all that yummy when you consider how good M&Ms are, but for some reason, I just couldn’t put them down until I finished them.

            Are you a pumpkin addict?  If so, confess your pumpkin addiction to us.  Share your confession and your favorite pumpkin treat, even your favorite pumpkin recipes…after all, one pumpkin addict to another, who couldn’t use another recipe for pumpkiny goodness!

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