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Hallmark Christmas Movies

By Melissa Minners

Okay, admit it: how many of you have already started watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel? Alright, I’ll go first – yes, I’m addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies, even though they all have a similar format. Boy and girl meet and have no real interest in each other…or had an interest but lost that interest. Christmas planning ensues, usually complete with hot chocolate drinking, a Christmas festival, cookie baking, wreath making, tree decorating, gingerbread house erecting, etc. Suddenly boy and girl find interest in one another, but someone witnesses something they misunderstand and decides to leave. The other realizes what happened and goes chasing after them, explaining the misunderstanding and revealing their true feelings. And they lived happily ever after. Yes, I know, cheesy, but I can’t stop watching!

Oh, and I am also currently listening to the Hallmark Christmas songs on Sirius XM.

I think I may need some help.

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