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The Thanksgiving Treasure

Written by: Gail Rock

Published By: Bantam Books
Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus

            One of my favorite things about any holiday is the memories and the traditions.  Everyone can reminisce about a favorite food, music or a story.  One of my favorite stories is called The Thanksgiving Treasure.  It was my fourth grade teacher, Mr. Fitzgerald, who had us read it as an in-class assignment.  However, I still find myself going back and re-reading the tale of Addie Mills many years later.

            I love the innocence of this story and the kind-heartedness of the tale.  It begins with Addie and her best friend Carla Mae, who are in search of flowers for their fall bouquets.  Addie is curious about Old Man Renquist, who has been feuding with her father over a business deal gone bad.  So, against her father’s instructions, she ventures onto Renquist’s property and the rest is history.

            Addie and friends are studying about the first Thanksgiving in school.  When her teacher explains that the Pilgrims invited their enemies, the Indians, to dinner in an effort to make friends, Addie comes up with a plot to turn their family’s arch-nemesis into a friend.  By bringing Old Man Renquist Thanksgiving Dinner, it opens the two of them to a friendship.

            This is really a quick read that lightens your heart to the true meaning of any holiday.  Give of yourself and good things happen.  Good things certainly happen for Addie, although bittersweet – it is a sand ending of sorts.

            I first read The Thanksgiving Treasure in 1979.  It’s almost 30 years later and I still love this book.  If you have a fourth grader who also likes to read, I am sure they will love this story.

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