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Happy Valentine’s Day…Maybe?

Whether you classify Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark Holiday or one of your favorite times to express love for your sweetheart, the fact of the matter is that Valentine’s Day is coming. Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday. If you work from home during the week, you can prepare an awesome dinner and dessert (wink, wink). But if you travel to work, a Tuesday Valentine’s Day spells certain disaster. So, you are probably thinking of going out over the weekend prior to Valentine’s Day. For football fans, this year’s Valentine’s Day can be especially problematic. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl is this weekend. Huge football fans who don’t know what is good for them are going to try to take out their significant others on Friday or Saturday, causing all of the good venues to be booked. Argh! What can we do?! Alas, Amazon has the answers, but you have to be quick to order! You don’t have much time! Click on the link below and buy your loved one’s affection (LOL)…I mean show them just how much you really care:

Shop Amazon for all of your Valentine’s Day needs


Published by Melissa Minners

Site Manager

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