Abandon Us

Written By: E.T. Gunnarsson Published By: Bragi Press Reviewed By: Melissa Minners                Some time ago, I reviewed a book about a dystopian world that takes place in three stages.  In Forgive Us, we meet three different individuals struggling to survive in different eras of an Earth that has been destroyed through pollution and war. Continue reading “Abandon Us”

Thanksgiving Tales

True Stories of the Holiday in America Editor: Brian D. Jaffe  Published By: Sestin LLC  Reviewed by Melissa Minners                 I wanted to read something special to celebrate the coming of one of my favorite holidays, so I did some searching and found a compilation of true Thanksgiving stories published by Sestin LLC and editedContinue reading “Thanksgiving Tales”

The Games of Our Youth: Uno

By Melissa Minners                  I was a kid when the card game known as UNO hit the stores and became all the rage.  We played it everywhere – at home, at school, in the park, at parties.  As an adult, I still love the game.  The game has undergone many incarnations since I first startedContinue reading “The Games of Our Youth: Uno”

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