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You, Me, and the Colors of Life

Written By: Noa C. Walker

Translated by Lisa Reinhardt

Publisher: Amazon Crossing

Reviewed By: Melissa Minners

               What if…?  What if you kept walking despite knowing someone was in desperate need of help?  What if you decided it was none of your business?  Too many people see others on the street and ignore their unspoken cries for assistance, but not Janica…not after spotting Steffen on the edge of a bridge.  She knew he needed help coming back from the brink.  Little did Janica know that entering Steffen and his brother, Thomas’, life would change all of their lives forever in the most surprising and beautiful ways.

               Written by Noa C. Walker and translated by Lisa Reinhardt, You, Me, and the Colors of Life is a captivating novel full of hope and love.  Janica is an eccentric character whose love for life comes from having almost lost it.  When she sees Steffen on the edge – literally – she decides she must act.  In doing so, she not only saves his life, but helps to enrich it and that of his shy brother Thomas.  One would expect that Steffen and Janica would become romantic partners, but it is Thomas that Janica connects with and the reader is drawn in to her vitality, happiness and generosity just as Thomas is. 

               But of course, life is not perfect and the characters are dealt a terrible blow right when things seem to be going their best.  That blow strikes the reader just as hard as the characters in the novel and we find ourselves rooting for the young couple whose life together has just begun only to find their happiness in peril. 

               You. Me, and the Colors of Life is a well-written story and Noa C. Walker draws us in with relatable characters and an enjoyable plot.  Most important of all is the novel’s message – life is precious and all too short, thus it must be treasured…even through the tragic moments, not one ounce of it should be wasted.  A great read…but be warned: you had better keep a tissue box close at hand for this one!

Published by Melissa Minners

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